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Senior Quartet Contest,
Battle Creek, Michigan, October 19, 2001
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PIONET SCORING SUMMARY, Pioneer District Senior Quartet Contest
SPEBSQSA, Inc., Battle Creek, Michigan, October 19, 2001

Quartet, Chapters/Members/Song                  MUS PRS SNG  Tot Avg
(Place in reglar contest)

1 New Wrinke (Huron Valley, Frank Thorne)
(Jack Frucci, J. Kelly Brummett, Don Kondor, Walt Quick)
(8)  Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody   123 120 127  736 61.3
     If I Could Write A Song                    120 122 124
(7)  My Buddy                                   120 129 128  752 62.7
     Sweet Georgia Brown                        121 126 128
                                                            1488 62.0

2 Shades of Grey (Grand Rapids)
(Ron Thomet, Bud Kraft, Gary Branch, Jack Sidor)
(10) My Gal Sal Parody                          124 121 112  717 59.8
     New Gang On The Corner                     118 127 115

3 Well Seasoned (Flint, Macomb, Motor City Metro, Frank Thorne)
(Fred McFadyen, Lyle Howard, Ron Gilles, Bob Wisdom)
(14) My Melancholy Baby                        104 122 104  646 53.8
     California Here I Come                      99 117 100

4 Northern (Not So) Lites (Lansing)
(Stan Williams, Reese Olger, Don Horton, Richard Kesti)
(15) San Francisco Bay Blues Parody             100 104  98  602 50.2
     Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie (Parody) 103 101  96

New Wrinkle is the Seniors Quartet Champion, and will represent
Pioneer District at the International Seniors Quartet Contest.

Administrator     Music               Presentation     Singing
Dick Shaw, SUN    Roger Payne, SLD    Doug Miller, LOL Dale Comer, CSD
John Santora, ONT R. Schwarzkopf, CSD Gary Stamm, LOL  Tom Woodall, ILL

These scores have been reformatted for the Internet by Jim Styer, who
assumes responsibility for typos and other unintentional errors. When in
doubt, please refer to the OFFICIAL published score sheets from the
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