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The Pioneer District will bring to the International convention in Indianapolis in July another competing chorus with a non-member director. (The first was the Houston Tidelanders in 1995 under Betty Tracey.) The Pioneer rep, which won the district contest last fall, is the Great Lakes Chorus from Grand Rapids, directed by Ann Jarchow. Ann replaced Jim Pollard, who resigned to pursue his calling to the ministry. She took over just two months before competion and credited coaching from Jim Casey and David Wright with helping her bring the chorus to its high level.

She came to the chorus highly recommended by Casey, Wright and Greg Lyne. Those in SA already knew of her expertise. She has directed the Grand Rapids Sweet Adelines in the exceedingly competitive Region 3, and has experience directing on the international stage.

Coming in a strong second was Lansing, just 33 points behind, giving the impression for the second consecutive time that it has a real chance to get to the International stage. It was by far the largest chorus in competition, with 96 men. (Grand Rapids had 50.) Lansing has grown from about 30 men in about four years. And the director is an "unknown" in international circles ... Jamie Carey.

Winner of the district quartet competition was fermata from Grand Rapids ... in just its second competition and together just eight months before the competition.

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