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College Quartet Contest, SPEBSQSA, Inc.
Lansing, Michigan, April 25, 1998

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OFFICIAL SCORING SUMMARY, Pioneer District Collegate Quartet Contest
SPEBSQSA, Inc., Lansing, Michigan, April 25, 1998

FINALS                       SONGS                              MUS PRE SNG    TOTAL SCORE

 1 Vocal Point               I Didn't Want To Fall              127 124 136        760
    U. of Windsor, N.Monroe  May I Never Love Again             123 122 128
 2 Privately Funded          HowYouGoin'ToKeep'EmDownOnTheFarm  106 105 106        629
    Hillsdale College        Coney Island Baby                  107 105 100

       E. Nickoson-CAR      N. Papageorge-FWD    T. Raffety-FWD       K. Buckner-CAR
       D. Belote-DIX        R. Payne-MAD         G. Wulf-JAD          D. Naumann-LOL